Singing in the Car...

I have been thinking about doing a video sharing my top 5 memories of my son for this year. As he gets older I am going to want to be able to look back on all the little precious things he did growing up and what better way to preserve the memory than do a video about it.

Tonight as we (M, Shea Baby and I) were heading home from our family outing, Shea Baby began to sing along with Adele. This is not the first time he has sung, but this time he sang more than ever before. It was so beautiful. Just hearing him in the back seat, belting out the words and joining in with me and M as we sang... It was just a precious moment and definitely one I want to remember.

He has been singing since he was at least 18 months. I would turn on my favorite Donald Lawrence album and get my praise and worship on, and there would be my little man, with a make up brush in his hand as a microphone crooning "yeah yeah yeah!"

Watching him sing brings me more joy than I can properly articulate. It makes me smile and confirms, this child of mine really was a present to me from God.

If the video never happens, I will definitely blog my other precious memories from this year.


  1. Hey Sunshine! This is precious. I started my blog to document my journey through motherhood and I must say, being able to look back on all the years and see my growth as a person and my daughter's growth, and my family's growth brings me absolute joy. Keep it up, you won't regret it! P.S. love your videos!


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